IWSR Magazine July 2013

Continuing our overview on packaging, in this issue we speak about a strategic element a key advantage of the Antica Sambuca® brand the Pro Pour technology. ProPour consists of a retractable pourer, always oriented from right to left and already assembled into each cap and, for this reason, ready to use. This oriented system, designed and patented by Antiche Distillerie, has required a huge design effort and many technical tests were undertaken over a period of two years before launching it in the market. The company has always been attentive to the needs of its consumers, both in terms of product offer, but also in order to improve its own business. In fact, Pro Pour was originally designed to meet the needs of all bartenders who require handiness and manoeuvrability. However, later on, the Pro Pour technology also became appreciated by those who drink Antica Sambuca® at home.
This technology was conceived to bring the following benefits:
● Handiness in use: the spout is incorporated into each cap and already oriented in the right direction;
● Time-saving: bartenders no longer have the problem of changing pourer every time they open a new bottle;
●Hygienic safety: the pourer is retractable and then closed again with its own cap at the end of each service, so it is not subject to external contamination. Thus it meets HACCP Hygiene Regulation requirements. The Pro Pour technology has been awarded several international prizes, including a Gold Medal in the Functional Innovation category of the Beverage Tasting Institute USA awards.

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