IWSR Magazine June 2013

Continuing the journey discovering Antica Sambuca, in this issue we want to celebrate the official launch of the new packaging Since the beginning the brand has distinguished itself in the sambuca category for its modern look, and has thus taken a very traditional product with an adult target, which is almost always drunk after a meal for its digestive properties, and made it attractive to a younger audience for example, leading the way as an ingredient in cocktails.
To continue the process of building the Antica brand and projecting it into the premium segment, Rossi D’Asiago has decided to refresh the brand’s image. Today the packaging is a key lever of the marketing mix and an asset for any company.
The new design is enriched with a decoration in relief that embraces the label and extends to both sides of the bottle, giving the product a higher overall value perception. Developed by the company with the support of the Italian creative agency Claim Brand Industry, the decoration is inspired by Art Deco influences reimagined in a glamorous and contemporary style. The result? A very eye-catching and iconic packaging, with great attention to detail. Even the label has undergone a renovation and is made with a special printing technique with metallic effects that further illuminate the bottle.
Another aspect not to be underestimated is that the decoration itself forms the grip of the bottle, thus helping bartenders’ in their frenetic activity, while offering a pleasant, tactile sensation. Antica Sambuca has been recognised as a premium product through several awards for its superior quality. The company's main objectives are to strengthen the brand’s premium position without losing its identity and recognisability, and to ensure maximum standout on shelf, thus capturing consumers’ attention. The new packaging has been a very ambitious project. Both from a production point of view, as it has required significant hard work at design and creating prototypes, and from a commercial point of view Antica Sambuca is now also available in 50cl and 100cl sizes to allow the brand to enter new distribution channels, such as the duty free and travel retail market.

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