IWSR Magazine March 2013

The origins of Rossi D'Asiago distillery go back to 1868. The historic company, in the famous Alpine tourist resort of Asiago, was founded by the pharmacist Giovan Battista Rossi who created elixirs and natural remedies for holidaymakers. The success of its products was so extraordinary that the little shop gradually became an actual distillery.
Over 100 years later the story of Rossi D'Asiago took a new turn when Francesco Dal Toso, a distiller for almost 70 years and connoisseur of oenology, acquired the brand and productive legacy of Rossi D'Asiago, and refounded his company under the name of Antiche Distillerie Riunite.
Dal Toso already had long experience in distillation, developed 7rst in his father's small distillery and then, from the end of the 1950s, in his own small laboratory, run with his wife Eleonora, where he produced liqueurs and grappa. He also passed on the passion for his work to his two sons, Patrizia and Nicola, who joined the business after their studies, bringing fresh energy and a desire to innovate to the business.
In the 1980s the family acquired Valbruna, a long-established company which produced alcoholic essences for pastry-making and bakeries, with a widespread national distribution network. The acquisition was an important milestone for the company's growth, but also for the knowledge of age-old infusion techniques that was gained.
But it was in 1992 that there was a major change for the company, with the acquisition of the brand Rossi D’Asiago which marked the beginning of the product’s international presence. The acquisition was a strategic choice because it allowed Francesco dal Toso to acquire real assets in the form of brands, recipes and production techniques that have been passed down since 1868.
Antica Sambuca is part of this heritage. Distilled from an infusion of star anise and many other spices and herbs according to a secret recipe, today Antica is the result of a perfect blend of tradition and innovation and, not surprisingly, it has been recognised as the second-largest brand worldwide in the sambuca category.

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