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Antica Sambuca Classic is a sweet and natural spirit obtained from the distillation of the infusion of anise star fruits and 17 herbs and spices in alcohol. The taste is velvety and harmonious, with a pleasantly intense anise note. Try it in shots, on the rocks, or mixed in cocktails


Anise star fruits, spices
and selected herbs

The high quality of Antica Sambuca is determined by the combination of outstanding ingredients and production techniques that follow meticulous artisanal processes. Its main ingredients are anice stars and a blend of 17 herbs and spices, alcohol, water and sugar. The key ingredient is the anise stars fruits, whose seeds are rich in anethole oil, extracted through a process of steam distillation to give sambuca its distinctive flavour. Many other spices are used to get the anise distillate such as wormwood, cinnamon, fennel, white pepper, iris, bitter orange, sweet orange, coriander…


The alcohol plays a key role. The alcohol used in Antica Sambuca® is obtained from the distillation of sugar beet molasses. No less important is the water, which not only allows the spirit’s alcohol content to be adjusted, but in a solution with alcohol, it also extracts the aromatic substances from the herbs and spices.
The last ingredient is the sugar, which is extracted from sugar beet. Antica Sambuca contains high-quality sucrose with a very white colour. This allows for a colourless, crystalline final product, an essential characteristic of a high-quality spirit.



Anise distillation
with traditional methods

The most important step while producing Antica Sambuca is the preparation of the anise distillate, which forms the heart of this extraordinary Italian liqueur. It is obtained by distilling an infusion of star anise and a mixture of 17 herbs and spices. Rossi D’Asiago distillers still use a copper still dating back to the late 1940s with a bain-marie system.

The great advantage of distillation with this system is that the temperature is uniform throughout the chamber and there is no risk of damage to the product, thus preserving all the aromatic substances distilled. The result of the distillation process is a crystal-clear, intensely flavoured liquid, with an alcohol strength of about 70% abv. The distilled is now ready to be mixed with a syrup of sugar and water, bringing the final alcoholic content down to 38% vol.


Just open and pour
The Pro Pour technology is an innovative feature, developed and patented by Rossi d’Asiago, that perfectly meets the needs of handiness and manoeuvrability of every bartender. It’s a professional retractable and oriented pourer integrated in each cap, making Antica Sambuca’s bottles easier to use.
  • Handiness in use, as the pourer is already incorporated in each cap;
  • Hygienic safety, as each pourer can be used only with its bottle and close after every service, thus avoiding any external contamination;
  • Time saving, as bartenders have no longer the problem of changing pourer every time they open a new bottle.
Honors & Awards
2021_European Spirits Challenge – Antica Sambuca
European Spirits Challenge
Medal Winner
2021_Frankfurt_Antica Sambuca Classic
Frankfurt International Trophy 2021
Gold medal
Medaglia Oro 2021
International Spirits Award 2021
Antica Sambuca Classic
Gold medal
WLA 2020 WorldBestAnice_Antica Classic
World Liqueur Awards 2020
Antica Sambuca Classic
World’s best anice Liqueur
2020-SFWSC-Gold – Antica Coffee
San Francisco World Spirits competition 2020
Antica Sambuca Classic
Double gold medal
2020-SFWSC-Gold – Antica Black
San Francisco World Spirits competition 2020
Antica Sambuca BLACK
Gold medal
2020-SFWSC-DoubleGold – Antica Classic
San Francisco World Spirits competition 2020
Antica Sambuca COFFEE
Gold medal
Frankfurt International Trophy 2020
Antica Sambuca Classic
Gold medal
2019_double gold medal_SIP AWARDS_AnticaClassic
SIP Awards 2019
Antica Sambuca Classic
Double gold medal
2019_Sanfrancisco_GOLD_AnticaBlack copia
San Francisco World Spirits competition 2019
Antica Sambuca BLACK
Gold medal
2019_ISW Meininger_GOLD_AnticaClassic
International Spirits Award 2019
Antica Sambuca Classic
Gold medal
Frankfurt International Trophy 2019
Antica Sambuca Classic
Gold medal
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