The Art Of Distilling

Anise distillation with traditional methods

Antica is the result of a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.


The most important step in the production process is the preparation of the anise distillate, which forms the heart of Antica Sambuca®. It is obtained by distilling an infusion of star anise and a mixture of more than 15 herbs and spices in a bain-marie system.


Rossi D’Asiago still uses a copper still dating back to the late 1940s with a bain-marie system.

The still is made up of a central chamber, where the raw materials to be distilled are placed.


The central chamber is contained in a larger outer chamber. In the space in between the two chambers is water, which is heated by a burner. The great advantage of distillation with this system is that the temperature is uniform throughout the chamber and there is no risk of damage to the product, thus preserving all the aromatic substances distilled. The result of the distillation process is a crystal-clear, intensely flavoured liquid, with an alcohol strength of about 70% abv.



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